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Smokey Eyes Makeup Tips With Video For All Function

Make-up for a Smokey eyes?

Warning: when “entry” a Smokey eye, the skin should be completely flawless!
you select a neutral basis that joins the skin.
Now use the blush on the cheek-bones to avoid bad-effect induced by pit eye deeply made up related with skin bare.
Don’t be use light red on the lips ! you keep this law: if you burden on your eyes, you make-up lips inconspicuously, and viza viz .
With a Smokey eyes, there-fore you utilize light luster.
Smokey eyes color
Brown eyes, blue eyes, Green eyes: the cloudy/Smokey eyes is a make-up eyelids appropriate for all colours and all forms of eyes.
A few tips:
Hazel eye may usage deep colours such as black, green,brown,
Now keep it these tips in your mind, let’s go for video that will be help full for you:

Eid Makeup Tips and Tricks |Eyes makeup video| from offroadfashion on Offroadfashion.

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