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Make-up Tips for Women for Summer Season

Summer-season Make-up guideline are desired of every women & girls who are stylish. Because they want to look fashionable & lovely in summer season . Your skin becomes rough, dry and dull with-out make-up & because of the extreme hotness. Every girls who is sensible about her body and wants to shield it from sunshine’s, always practices different sun blocks. The hotness of sun is very injurious for basics body cells and dark covers look on your face. In this Topic I will express you some  make-up tips that you can follow in this summer-season to escape such circumstances.

Make-up Tips For Summer-Season

All the employed ladies also want perfect and even in every  seasons because they can-not take- care of their skin during work. Wash your make-up every evening before going to bed. If ladies want to get free of pimples and spots then they should applied a best cleansing cream for removing layers.


How to use Primer?


In this step gives a new look to your skin. Take a small amount of good primer & use it all over the face. You may apply a well brush for combination and enjoy normal make-up beauty.

Try To Apply Lighter Make-up:

As every-body know that basis is applied for heavy make-up . But if you do not want to do mostly make-up then apply a cream for light touch. A conditioner of worthy quality can give you a spotless and clear look.

How To Apply Bronzer?

When you go out-side your skin hurts with sun-burns and in this condition you need bronzers. They will give you bronzed free skin.

Lip Makeup:

Do not apply lip lusters in summer-season because it looks rude. Just take a light lip-stick colour & use it on lips & avoid dim colours.

These are some fundamentals and Best Make-up Tips For Summer-season that may support you in getting an beautiful look.



In summer-season eat as much healthy meals. Green vegetables mostly used, fruits and salads will be make perfect, Escape oily junk and fast food too. Drink sufficiently of water and other fresh juices.

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