How to distinguish between true and fake Chanel bags

“Chanel represents a style, a unique style that lasts for a long time.” Ms. Chanel described her design so much, instead of thinking about what to do next, but asking herself how to perform next. So, the agitation will never stop. Chanel’s handbags are simple and elegant, and they are a magic weapon for matching clothes. They have become a good gift for many female friends, but the high value has discouraged many consumers, so pirates have grasped this psychology and copied a lot of cheap ones. Fake Chanel handbag. , teach you how to distinguish true and false Chanel bags?
       One: leather
      Most of Chanel is made from lambskin (or calfskin) with a darker cortex and a bumpy feel. The Chanel bag is very sturdy and will not collapse. Especially the sheepskin bag, not only feels good, but also has a raw leather taste. The replica Chanel bag is not sheepskin, the leather has a large degree of reflection and the elasticity is also poor. Chanel Kangpeng’s double C logo is made of snakeskin and has a strong texture.
       Two: logo
       Most of the authentic Chanel logo is gold-plated and gold-plated. The fake logo is thinner, and although the color looks very bright, it is more susceptible to fading.
       Three: zipper
      All of Chanel’s zippers have a jewel-themed crochet hook, usually an early lion’s head or a famous double-C shape. The weight of the genuine zipper is heavier, and the place where the mouth is closed is usually separated by sheepskin, and the seam is double-threaded. Traces of glue can be seen at the closing of the fake Chanel bags zipper.
       Four: Neri
       You can see the words of hot stamping Chanel and Made in France/Italy inside the authentic Chanel bag. There is a small sticker inside the bag. The sticker is printed with the number printed by the computer. This number is the same as the number on the ID card and the number on the original box. The fake stickers will have traces of alteration, and the numbers are marked with an electric typewriter.
       Identify Chanel’s tips:
       1, Chanel lambskin leather bag can check the true and false from the smell of leather and the line.
       2. The number on the anti-counterfeit laser sticker inside the Chanel bag should be the same as the guarantee card.
       3, lambskin and lychee pattern, is the most hatched material of Chanel. Whether it’s a quilted bag or a CoCo classic bag, the feel is very smooth and smooth, and the metal parts are not scratched.
       4, Chanel leather bag itself is very good shape, there will be no sense of collapse. Especially the lambskin, not only feels good, but also has a raw leather taste, fakes are not made from lambskin.
       5, the most powerful point of authenticity, is the Chanel leather bag in addition to the warranty card, and the same as the leather bag itself, open the bag inside the bag, carefully look for the bottom, you will find a fluorescent security sticker, guarantee the serial number of the card It is the same as the serial number on the anti-counterfeiting sticker.
       The Chanel brand takes the high-end route, which is simple, simple, comfortable and pure. “Popularity is fleeting, style is forever” is still the guiding force behind the brand; “The opposite of gorgeous is not poverty, but vulgarity.”